VirtualBox on Centos, part deux

Ok, back to figuring this out.…Hmm….concerning….my server booted to a single red rectangle. Hard rebooted….and it came back to normal….gonna have to just roll past that.…Found a walkthrough for installing GCC here. It says I have GCC version 8.3.1 installed……And now installing from the .rpm seems to work… Ok maybe it just needed a reboot…wouldContinue reading “VirtualBox on Centos, part deux”

VirtualBox on CentOS; A journey.

RTFM’ing on VirtualBox’s site here….hmm…what is “Qt”?Some kind of graphical front-end, I’m gathering. Ok how do I install it?The install commands need a name.A man needs a name. …Ok found a guide here: The guide is for CentOS 6 …. I’m on CentOS 8, but we’re going to try. …Right, so this guide listed “GCC”Continue reading “VirtualBox on CentOS; A journey.”

Let’s do this.

Hardware has arrived.Refurb Dell T7610 Workstation and a shiny new laptop. Kali/Windows dual-boot on the laptop is working like a champ. I intended to use the Dell as a host for virtual machines from VulnHub, which mostly has VirtualBox machines (at least the few that I spot-checked). Looking at VirtualBox’s website, I saw downloads forContinue reading “Let’s do this.”