VirtualBox on Centos, part deux

Ok, back to figuring this out.

Hmm….concerning….my server booted to a single red rectangle. Hard rebooted….and it came back to normal….gonna have to just roll past that.

Found a walkthrough for installing GCC here. It says I have GCC version 8.3.1 installed…

And now installing from the .rpm seems to work… Ok maybe it just needed a reboot…would make sense for a low-level change like kernel updates..

Now how do I start it?
Right on, it’s available in the main menu.
In case I have to do this again:
sudo yum groupinstall “Development Tools”
Download the .rpm from virtualbox site and run sudo yum install <VirtualBoxfilename>.rpm
Welp…still need to sign kernel modules, somehow.


Helps if you read the syslog that the error prompts you to.
Installing elfutils-libelf-devel did…something.


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