VirtualBox on CentOS; A journey.

RTFM’ing on VirtualBox’s site here
….hmm…what is “Qt”?
Some kind of graphical front-end, I’m gathering.
Ok how do I install it?
The install commands need a name.
A man needs a name.

Ok found a guide here:
The guide is for CentOS 6 …. I’m on CentOS 8, but we’re going to try.

Right, so this guide listed “GCC” as a step…and “GCC” itself has… we’ll say a non-trivial list of prerequisites.

Fuck that noise I’m just going to try and make this .rpm I downloaded with VirtualBox in the name work.

That did not work.
It immediately threw errors about needing “libQt5Core” and a dozen other Qt packages.

Maybe there’s a command for “install needed dependencies for this package”

yum is now my homeslice. It resolves dependencies and gets it done.

So it downloaded eleven things, many with “qt” in the name, but it’s failing here: VirtualBox kernel modules.
This brings us back to the GCC requirement, evidently.
Right. That’ll be tomorrow.

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