One man’s journey into Cybersecurity.

“…the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.” – Whitman

Python IDE – 2

Months ago, I completed an Edx course on Python. A couple hours ago, on my second try, I was able to solve the (admittedly simple) initiation challenge at codewars. So, back to trying to get this IDE stood up. I’ve gotten Vundle working, and the venv thingy working down in a home folder subdirectory. I’mContinue reading “Python IDE – 2”

A Python IDE in VIM

One of the threads in my dive into propellerhead territory is coding. I’d like to be able to complete the challenges in Project Euler in a few languages. The question you run into is what IDE and OS to use. For the purposes of an Edx course I took in Python last year, I justContinue reading “A Python IDE in VIM”

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